2019-2020 WWS Moto-Quest

 The WWS Moto-Quest is a series of mainly motorcycle (and other vehicular) travels throughout the GGC Gullah Geechee Corridor. The chief focus of the trips is to explore the many valuable legacies heretofore under explored, underdeveloped, under-represented and etc., in the everyday Southern heritage narrative. That everyday heritage story is mired by a fixation on oligarchy, colonialism and the Confederacy. 

It is an everyday story which harmfully displaces and devalues ‘prime concern’ interests of regional Indigenous groups: namely Africans, Gullah Geechee, Native Americans and early African Americans. The WWS demand is that an Escape, Rebellion and Freedom ethos be appreciated which might encourage the daily, in-life presence of culturally and historically valuable content beyond tourism/hospitality and/or entertainment protocols. The prospective course is to stimulate intelligent dialogue, think tanks, urgency, actionable programs, archival resources and eventually meaningful employment, education and careers  for regional residents. All of these aspirations fall within an Escape, Rebellion and Freedom over structure which advocates for elevated Indigenous acknowledgement.
Note. A collection Moto-Quest essays, journals and critiques have been assembled in upcoming volumes of Dr. David Pleasant’s 16 volume series, A Blue Riddim: The Polyriddimic Power of Gullah Geechee Drumfolk Culture, 2019, 2020.
As of November 2019, a documentary film project on similar content has been developed and produced by Dr. Pleasant and a Norwegian film team.
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